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Loewen & Partners raises capital for growth companies seeking private equity.
Loewen & Partners provides financial services to companies seeking capital.  We source debt, equity and mezzanine (mixture of debt and equity) private placements from $5 million to $30 million.
"Loewen & Partners aims to provide the most thorough research and sound analysis  to smaller & mid-sized growth companies seeking financing, greatly facilitating the work of the private equity fund manager." Chuck Loewen - Chairman

Loewen & Partners' team of dedicated professionals have expertise in a broad base of industries, including finance, accounting, strategy and engineering.

Our motto is "Innovation, Integrity, Results" with integrity as our core value.


As a focused specialist, Loewen & Partners understands the needs of mid-sized business owners and their financing requirements. This puts our corporate clients at a distinct advantage when it comes to assistance with financing, valuation and advisory services, or in divesting assets.

With our assistance, clients have access to a significantly enhanced pool of capital and are able to choose the right financing partner for them. We are highly regarded by the private equity funds and the strength of our track record ensures that our transactions receive their full attention.

We are a registered Exempt Market Dealer.

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